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What’s your birth plan? To have the baby.

Welcome to part one of our 'birth story', as all the cool kids call it. It wasn't meant to be in parts, but so many things happened during labour, that it wasn't until I started writing it all down and realised I was verging on book length before I'd even reached the hospital, I thought… Continue reading What’s your birth plan? To have the baby.


Welcome to preggo town

That's right everybody...welcome. You have read that correctly. I am totally preggers. Almost a year after writing the blog post about the pressures of people expecting you to have children, I caved to the pressure and moved myself over to fit in the typical married woman box and got myself knocked up. I joke of… Continue reading Welcome to preggo town


Expected to expect

It happened, I am officially thirty! I am a bit late writing this, as in actual fact, as I type, I am thirty and a half, aka in school terms, much older and wiser than when I was thirty, and can pass my wisdom down to the mere thirty year olds out there, but not… Continue reading Expected to expect