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‘They just need to be more intense…’

Welcome back to part two of the wonder that is birthing a human. Firstly I would like to acknowledge the huge amount of time I have left between posting part one of having a baby, and part two. I am absolutely rubbish at finding to time to finish blog posts. I start too many at… Continue reading ‘They just need to be more intense…’

Labour, Life, lifestyle, pregnancy

What’s your birth plan? To have the baby.

Welcome to part one of our 'birth story', as all the cool kids call it. It wasn't meant to be in parts, but so many things happened during labour, that it wasn't until I started writing it all down and realised I was verging on book length before I'd even reached the hospital, I thought… Continue reading What’s your birth plan? To have the baby.

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On this Papa’s Day

I have worked on Father's Day for the past seven years. In honesty I've probably worked most Father's Days. (In all honesty I've worked most days, but that's a whole different story. In the last two weeks being off of work, I have seen more friends and family than I have in approximately the last… Continue reading On this Papa’s Day


Let’s Talk about Boobs

Breasts, baps tatas, funbags and every other name you can think of. Boobs come in all shapes and sizes. They sit high, swing low, look left, jiggle to the right. Every single persons' boobs are different. Sure they all serve a similar purpose, but boobs are like snowflakes. Definitely individual. You may be wondering why… Continue reading Let’s Talk about Boobs


Welcome to preggo town

That's right everybody...welcome. You have read that correctly. I am totally preggers. Almost a year after writing the blog post about the pressures of people expecting you to have children, I caved to the pressure and moved myself over to fit in the typical married woman box and got myself knocked up. I joke of… Continue reading Welcome to preggo town


Yet some more light hearted thoughts to tell you all. You are all welcome

I'm sat at a beautiful hotel, overlooking the sea, surrounded by beer. Life is good. This holiday has also given me a chance to finally finish this blog post, and boy it's a long one, so please, kettle on and make yourself comfy. This has actually been written for around about a year...well almost completed.… Continue reading Yet some more light hearted thoughts to tell you all. You are all welcome


Expected to expect

It happened, I am officially thirty! I am a bit late writing this, as in actual fact, as I type, I am thirty and a half, aka in school terms, much older and wiser than when I was thirty, and can pass my wisdom down to the mere thirty year olds out there, but not… Continue reading Expected to expect

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The Bride Switch

I have vivid memories of playing ‘brides and bridesmaids’ with other girls at a super young age. The age now that you look back on, and you wonder how on earth at such a young age this had already been pushed on to us. How, without having the proper understanding of a loving relationship (beyond… Continue reading The Bride Switch

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Living Life to the Extremes

You're probably thinking, living life to the extremes is a badly written sentence, it's living life to the extreme. However that is not quite my meaning. I am not talking about sky diving, swimming with sharks or some casual white water rafting. Most of these adventures would not end well with my hair. I can… Continue reading Living Life to the Extremes