Weinstein: Countless actresses HAVE slept with him. And I don’t blame them.


Over the last week or so, I have watched with an almost compulsive interest in the unravelling of Harvey Weinstein amid numerous allegations of sexual assault, coercion and rape.

Though the reports were not a shock to me (or many other women over the age of, say, thirteen) – what did surprise me was the sheer number of big-name Hollywood actresses who came forward to say Weinstein had preyed on them.  From Angelina Jolie to Gwyneth Paltrow, most accounts detail having to escape his advances earlier on in their careers, after being cornered in various hotel rooms and casting suites.

I unequivocally admire these women – and anyone else who finds the strength and courage to speak out about an experience that has the potential to arouse such pain, confusion and shame. Similarly, my heart aches for those unable to speak – either literally or figuratively –  through fear of damaging…

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The Bride Switch

I have vivid memories of playing ‘brides and bridesmaids’ with other girls at a super young age. The age now that you look back on, and you wonder how on earth at such a young age this had already been pushed on to us. How, without having the proper understanding of a loving relationship (beyond… Continue reading The Bride Switch

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Living Life to the Extremes

You're probably thinking, living life to the extremes is a badly written sentence, it's living life to the extreme. However that is not quite my meaning. I am not talking about sky diving, swimming with sharks or some casual white water rafting. Most of these adventures would not end well with my hair. I can… Continue reading Living Life to the Extremes


‘You’re well quirky, init?’

For the people of the world that know me, and know me well enough, know that some people on the outside view me as a little unusual. Or, as the blog is called, quirky. Eurghhh. The word quirky hurts me. It is used to describe me all of the time, and whenever I hear it… Continue reading ‘You’re well quirky, init?’